About TDG

About Total Defence Group

Total Defence Group (TDG) is an industrial group of 22 Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprices (SMEs) within the defence sector. TDGs mission is to facilitate and coordinate the sales and marketing activities of the group.


TDG originates from the leading industrial network at Raufoss and cooperates closely with Total Innovation AS, TotAl-gruppen and the research institutes at SINTEF Manufacturing at NTNU.


Strategy Total Defence Group (TDG)

TDG will share any lead and business opportunity internally, cooperate
and react with a combined orchestrated response to the customer.

TDG will develop close relationship to preferred customers, suppliers
and partners in the defence industry – in Norway and globally.

TDG will always have a high ethical standard – both internally and with
our business partners.

TDG will operate within the rules for «guidelines for contact with
business and industry in the defence sector».

TDGs vision and mission:
«we will always find the best solution