Dolphitech AS

Across all industries, dolphitech provides an unbeatable ultrasonic matrix imaging technology to inspect and detect damage, degradation, and defects in mission-critical assets.


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Fynd Reality AS

Is using Virtual and Augmented Reality across all devices. Fynd delivers learning- and training-systems that ensure accelerated learning and increased productivity for the client. Collaboration across space and devices is an integral part of our services, and all training-systems can be adapted for operational support.


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Moicon AS

Moicon™ is the next-generation web-based Digital Twin platform powering manufacturing operations. Sign up today & start optimizing your factory.


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Recab Norway

Recab has a long history with rugged computers, developing high-end Defense and Avionic display, communication and computer systems.

Recab offers one of the industry’s largest selections of military computing solutions for Defence & Avionics. Our knowledge and experience go beyond MIL-SPECs and DO-160 requirements, also considering serviceability, modularity and lifecycle when deploying systems on a wide range of military and avionics platforms. For unique requirements and needs, Recab’s engineering team also have the competence to develop, customize and certify a product.

Our team of highly skilled salespeople and engineers ensures you receive the right guidance throughout the process, from suggesting possible solutions to testing, certification, delivery and implementation of the right product for your mission-critical defense or avionics application.


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Topro Electronics AS

We can help you from idea to finished product, and beyond! We have spent several years building up our knowledge and experience in the electronics market and can therefore offer a collaboration from A to Z. We have a wide range of services and a large network of partners who can help you along the way.


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Vixel AS

Collaborate in real-time inside the model. Get a shared understanding of the project across the team and stakeholders.


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